Around the World in 60 Days

Around the World in 60 Day Multi-piece Crest

Mark RobinsonOct 25, '21

This multi-piece composite crest can be earned by completing at least 6 of the 8 challenges. The crest is made up of individual crests, one for each challenge. Stay tuned for information on how you can purchase your crest.

Week 4: Light Up the Night

Mark RobinsonOct 25, '21

Learn about the importance of light by navigating this next activity in the dark! Imagine that you are meeting up with your new Danish Scout friends to embark on a night hike far from the light pollution of the city (optimal for stargazing!) Don’t forget your GADGET (headlamp) as you...

Week 3: Water De-Nile

Mark RobinsonOct 18, '21

This week’s challenge focuses on farming and the challenges that farmers experience. Moving water to crops is a major part of Goal #2: Zero Hunger — not only does water transferring provide more crops, but it also has a huge impact on sustainability as moving water in the wrong way can be...

Week Two: Break the Ice

Mark RobinsonOct 8, '21

Great news! The transporting compass worked like a charm this time and you’ve successfully reached the Patagonia region of Argentina. After building a boat in Australia and exploring the Great Barrier Reef, you’ve worked up an appetite and aren’t used to the colder weather here. Nighttime is near - you...